Fulfilling Potential Online
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Opening Fulfilling Potential Online
Logging in

On the desktop screen of your computer, look for the Fulfilling Potential icon.

   This is what the Fulfilling Potential icon looks like.

Click on the icon. The login page of Fulfilling Potential will be displayed:

‘Logging in’ means entering your unique username and password. Logging in is essential, because every CMG staff member has a personal learning record in Fulfilling Potential Online. This means that the system needs to know who you are, so it can give you access to your record.

Your Regional Administrator will have given you your username and password. Type these into the spaces provided on the login screen and click ‘Enter’ with your mouse, (or press the return key on your keyboard).

Changing your password

If you are logging into Fulfilling Potential for the first time, the system will ask you to change your password, and display a screen like this:

Passwords are entirely personal. You will be the only person who knows the new password you enter on this screen.

The system asks you to enter your new password twice, just to ensure you haven’t made any typing mistakes.

If you forget your password, let your Regional Administrator know. They will reset your record and give you a new temporary password. When you next log in to the system, you will be asked to change the temporary password to a new personal one.

When you have successfully logged in, your personal learning record will be displayed. It will look something like this:

The next section of this guide describes what your learning record is, and how it works.

Understanding and using your learning record

Fulfilling Potential Online has two important functions:

  • it gives you access to the learning assignments you need to do
  • it provides a complete record of all the learning assignments you have completed while working with CMG.

The top section of the screen provides you with a menu that you can use to open any section of your learning record:

Your record has three sections:

   shows a list of the learning activities you need to complete.
   shows a list of the learning activities you have completed.
   shows your past completions of recurrent learning. (this is explained fully in the ‘Archive’ section below.)

Each section is described in more detail below. Take a few moments to explore these, and become familiar with how your Fulfilling Potential learning record works.

Current learning assignments

When you open your learning record, the Current learning screen is displayed.

Learning assignments

A learning assignment is a specific task that you need to complete as part of your learning and development at CMG. A learning assignment could be an online learning module, a classroom training course, a document to read or an observation to complete - any specific task with learning content.

Learning is assigned to you by the central Learning & Development team and by your Regional Administrator. The Current learning screen shows a list of the assignments that you need to complete.

Colour coding

The circle in the title bar shows the status of that assignment. (‘Status’ simply means how you are getting on with it.)

  A green circle means you have not completed the assignment and the target date for completion has not been reached.
  An orange circle means you have started the assignment, but not yet completed it.
  A red circle means you have not completed the assignment, and the target date has passed.

Type of learning

When you move your mouse over the icon and stop moving, you will see the type of assignment you have to complete. There are three types:

  These are online learning modules that are produced by CMG, and are accessed from Fulfilling Potential Online. You work through the learning material at the computer, and your progress is tracked and recorded as you go.
  These are online learning courses that are provided by other organisations (like a university or hospital trust for example). You will find instructions on how to access these courses, but they are not an integrated part of the CMG system. Your progress will be recorded by your Regional Administrator, rather than being tracked automatically.
  These are specific face-to-face training events or courses (they might not always be in a classroom!). In this case, the system will provide details of what the event is, and what you have to do to attend. Your course completion will be recorded by the central Learning & Development team or by your Regional Administrator.

Assignment details

The Current learning screen provides an overview of the learning you have to do. To see details of any particular assignment, select an assignment from the list and click on it. The assignment details screen will be displayed:

This screen provides all the details you need about a particular learning assignment. In the example above, the assignment is a CMG e-learning module.

The screen shows:

  • the TITLE of the course, in this case ‘Food Safety’
  • the TARGET date by which the course should be completed
  • the STATUS of the course, which can be ‘Assigned’, ‘In progress’ or ‘Late’
  • a DESCRIPTION of the course that gives an overview of the learning content.

In the case of classroom training or a learning activity, the LOCATION field will tell you where the assignment takes place, and how you can attend.

  This bar shows your progress with the assignment. It is only displayed for CMG e-learning modules that are automatically tracked by Fulfilling Potential Online.
  You can open CMG e-learning modules directly. When you click the Launch button the module will open. (But, if you are using Fulfilling Potential Online for the first time, don’t open the module just yet. Finish this section, so you are familiar with all parts of your learning record.)
  Click the Back button to return to the Current learning screen.

Completed learning

Click Completed from the menu at the top. Your record of completed learning will be displayed. Of course, if you are starting to use Fulfilling Potential Online for the first time, your record will be empty. But as you complete learning assignments, they will be added to a list on this screen, that will look something like this:

Each item in the list is a summary of a completed learning assignment. To see a full completion record, click on an assignment. The assignment details screen will be displayed:

This screen shows your full completion record for this assignment. If the assignment was a CMG e-learning module, the completion indicator will be coloured grey and indicate 100%. If the module had an assessment test, your score will be displayed on this screen.

  Even though you have completed the assignment, you can re-launch the module to use the learning materials again. This will not affect your completion record, and you will not be able to record a new score for the assessment.


The archive of your learning record is used to display old completions of recurrent learning assignments. Recurrent learning assignments are those that you have to take regularly to keep your skills and knowledge updated. For example you may have to repeat assignments at six monthly or yearly intervals.

To prevent your completed learning record from filling up with many completions of the same learning assignment, old completion records are moved to your learning archive. (Your completed learning record only shows the most recent completion of a recurrent learning assignment.)

Click Archive from the menu at the top. Your archived learning assignments will be displayed. Of course, if you are starting to use Fulfilling Potential Online for the first time, your archive will be empty. But as you complete recurrent learning assignments, the old completion records will added to a list on this screen, that will look something like this: